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        The online strategic cooperation exchange meeting between Huawei Health and EDE Research Institute(Arab) cessfully held

        Author: Huawei health            Time: 2022-06-22

        On the afternoon of June 21, 2022, Huawei Health Management Group (Huawei) and EDE Research Institute (EDE,come from United Arab Emirates ) held an online exchange meeting about strategic cooperation. At this meeting, the two parties had an in-depth discussion on the product technology, future long-term cooperation content and cooperation model.


        The meeting was presided over by Guan Qingwei, chairman of Huawei . Zhang Shaohui, the director of Huawei project introduction, and consultants Ma Aining and Wang Zijun participated in the meeting and issued constructive suggestions.


        At the meeting, Zhang Shaohui gave a speech on the future positioning and form of cooperation of EDE inspection products, expressing his recognition of EDE's research and development technical strength, and optimistic about the long-term cooperation and development of Huawei and EDE in the rapid inspection project in the future. Huawei also has a lot of successful cooperation experience and resources. However, there are many uncertainties in China's current epidemic and policies. It is hoped that the form of cooperation between EDE and Huawei can have more flexibility to deal with these uncertain factors.


        The EDE team extended greetings to the leaders of Huawei Group, and emphasized that EDE attaches great importance to the long-term cooperation between the two parties in the future. At present, the PCR detection methodologies in the disease detection industry are relatively competitive in China, but EPCR's "test is out" There is still a lot of room for market development. EPCR can reduce the latent transmission of false negatives, while also providing significant time and cost savings. In addition, in addition to the new coronavirus, it can also be tested for a variety of diseases. EDE also expressed its optimism about the Chinese market, and is full of hope for future products to enter the routine examination of society and disease detection in the medical system.


        Wang Zijun, a consultant of Huawei, said that in terms of the development of domestic detection technology, the EPCR detection technology of the EDE Institute has a certain upside potential for development in China. However, whether the introduction of new technologies will be controlled by the national regulatory authorities needs further confirmation. If it is recognized by the regulatory authorities, then this "test-as-you-get" testing methodology will be worth promoting to various medical institutions in the future.

        The convening of this exchange meeting means that the cooperation between Huawei and EDE has been beneficially promoted, and it also means that Huawei will focus more on the cooperation of new technology medical products in the future, and deepen the medical and health industry.

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